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Signature Facials
All Signature Facial will be customized for your skin care needs.

Hydrating Facial- Hydrating, & Firming
Caviar Facial-Hydrating & calming for dry skin
Acne Relief Facial- Refining & calming  with extractions
50 min. $65

Express Facial
An express facial for the person on-the-go. The skin is cleansed, exfoliated and a customized mask is massaged into the skin.
30 min. $45

Back Facial
The landscape of the back needs the same treatment as our face.  The back is cared for with a purifying, hydrating, or luminous treatment plan just for your needs. All facial steps will be administered on the back.
45 min. $55

Ultimate Facial
The Ultimate Facial goes to a new level by the addition of a light Microdermabrasion treatment and a scalp massage giving maximum relaxation and excellent results. First, cleansing of your face is followed with an enzyme mask, which assists in opening up your pores. comes the Microdermabrasion. This process exfoliates the uppermost layer of skin and reveals the more radiant and healthy looking fresh skin beneath. A Treatment Mask will be determined by your skin's particular needs. The Mask aids in repairing that also often occurs during Microdermabrasion. An invigorating Hand, and Decollete during the application of the mask. The Ultimate Facial is a completely "blissful experience" and affords your skin maximum benefits. You'll leave the Spa looking and feeling refreshed and radiant.
80 min. $105