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Waxing Lounge
For Ladies and Gentlemen
At Skin of Dreams Skin Spa we are dedicated to providing superior results and customer service for all of our treatments. Hair removal is one of our most popular services. Our goal is to be thorough in removing all the hair without making the client feel rushed. We are very considerate of our clients that are doing one of our more sensitive treatments for the first time and go out of our way to provide a more relaxing and comfortable experience.
By using Cirepil Waxing products by Perron Rigot we are able to offer a more superior result. Cirepil Wax is a low temperature wax that sticks to the hair rather than the skin, reducing the pain of the waxing by 50%. Cirepil Wax encapsulates the hair, removing it from the root while leaving the skin undamaged. This reduces inflammation, redness and downtime. Our clients are less likely to get ingrown hairs and results can last 2 -4 week; 4 -6 weeks with regular waxing. All waxing treatments receive a complimentary recovery treatment to calm and sooth the skin.
Gentleman Services
At Skin Of Dreams Skin Spa we are proud to offer all services to both Ladies and Gentlemen. Due to the sensitivity of some of our treatments we do have certain safety guidelines when it comes to our Gentlemen services. We will only treat a Gentlemen after a phone consultation, during day light hours and while other Skin of Dreams associates are on the premises. This ensures everyone has a safe and comfortable experience. We do; however, have the right to stop or refuse service for any reason. We appreciate your corporation and understanding regarding this manner.
*For more information regarding preparation for waxing services you can contact our Master Waxer and Skin Care Specialist, Sandra Medeiros,@858-663-2609.
Waxing Treatments

Brow Shaping : $17
Lip: $14
Chin :$14
Full Face (No Brows) :$37
Chest: $37
Stomach: $22
Back ( Shoulders and neck) $47
Under Arms: $17
Half Arms: $30
Full Arms: $45
Butt Cheeks: $12
Lower Leg:$37
Upper Leg: $37
Full Leg: $62
Ears: $17
Brazilian (Ladies or Gentlemen): $52
Bikini $42

* All waxing services include skin recovery treatments. Discounts are available when pre-booking appointments and based on volume of services. All treatments are the same cost no matter how little or how much hair a client has.